Awarded as Top Performing Public School in South Africa – 2015

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Eunice High School

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Eunice’s High School’s long standing tradition of excellence is the result of our unique staff, learners and parents collectively supporting, upholding and contributing to the myriad of activities and opportunities offered at our multi-faceted school.

“Happiness is not pleasure – it is victory” – Zig Ziglar. We are committed to the realisation of every learner’s potential – be it in the classroom, on the sports fields or on the stage – as it ensures that Eunice, true to her name, is the place of “happy victory” for her proud learners.

Not only is it a privilege for me to be at the helm of such all-round “happy victory”, it is also an honour to lead a school that is synonymous with high expectations, multi-talented diversity and all-round excellence. Eunice’s victories are truly anchored in the echo of our founding ideals: “That our daughters may be like cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace”. This is the echo that is a resounding reminder of past achievements and offers a glimpse of what the future holds.

Eunice is and will always be the school where learners have faith in the possibilities of the future. It is here that they experience their greatest teenage victories – where they conquer the world through conquering themselves.

Mrs Z de Wet

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Eunice History

Originally named the Oranje Vrij Staat Dames Instituut, the school was founded in 1875 on the initiative of the Dutch Reformed Church. Steeped in the history and spirit of the old Free State Republic, the school has a long tradition of excellence. It is one of South Africa’s best known girls’ boarding schools.

The name Eunice is a biblical reference to the mother of Timothy in the New Testament. It is a Greek word meaning “happy victory”. For over a hundred years Eunice was situated in the centre of Bloemfontein, alongside some of the city’s oldest and most famous buildings. Today it boasts a modern school in spacious surroundings bordering on the equally well-known Grey College and the University of the Free State.

Eunice won the Top School Trophy for the 7th time since 2000 and won the Top Mathematics and Physical Science Trophy also for the 7th time since 2000.

Founding Ideals 1875

That our daughters may be like cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace

“Vincit qui se vincit”

Eunice School Song

Though all around has changed
since her cornerstone was laid
The spirit of Eunice
has never been dismayed

The future will not fright her,
she fears nor change nor strife
For she dwells beside the waters
of wisdom and of life

Eunice, Eunice, no other school so dear
Oh may she grow and prosper from year to changing year

For with her honour trusted
her children will go forth,
To meet life’s grand adventure

And With the torch she gave them
They light the darkest way
While the love that knits them to her
GROWS deeper day by day.

Eunice, Eunice, no other school so dear
Oh may she grow and prosper from year to changing year

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