Public Speaking

It has been a good year for public speaking.  The girls have participated in 2 Bloemfontein competitions (hosted by Eunice) against other schools and did very well.  In the first competition in March Guisi Cirelli and Sylke van Vreede tied for first place, winning the Junior competition.   They also took part in two Derby’s and also did well.  Sylke van Vreede and Zandile Ngombane did Eunice public speaking proud by participating in the Youth Summit in August.  Sylke won her age group and Zandile came second.  As a result both girls go through to the Free State provincial finals at a date to be confirmed.

Interschool competition in March Guisi Cirelli and Sylke van Vreede tied for first place (Juniors)
Inter-house Competition Juniors won by Megan Bouwer from Murray, second was Tsholofelo Moselhe from Sewell.  The senior competition was won by Erica Dube from Murray with Kyla Wessells from Sewell in second place.
All Girls’ National Festival Puleng Mokoena and Kabo Matela took part.  Unfortunately Eunice did not make it through to the finals
Pretoria Derby Karabo Phitsane one of the senior speakers did very well and won the senior competition
Clarendon Derby Zandile Ngombane came second in the senior competition (tying with a Clarendon girls), with Erica Dube third
Lisa Reblin came second in the Junior competition
Youth Summit Sylke van Vreed won the Junior Motheo district competition
Zandile Ngombane came second in the Senior Motheo district competition.  They both go through the Free State finals.

2016 Activities that were attended / presented.

Interschool Competition March 2016 (hosted by Eunice)

All Girls’ National Festival in Durban

Pretoria Derby

Clarendon Derby

Youth Summit – Education Department

Inter-house competition May 2016

Interschool Competition August 2016 (hosted by Eunice)

Sylke van Vreede Made it through to Free State provincial finals
Zandile Ngombane Made it through to Free State provincial finals

National achievement:

International achievement:

Top Achiever (Please provide detail):

Sylke van Vreede

Closing (Goal / dream for 2017)

I would like to organize a workshop in the first term of 2017 for public speakers which will look at exactly what is expected of them and how to public speak.  Also to show them how to approach and do an impromptu speech.


This year we entered the SACEE and Department Debate League, as there were so many girls who were interested in Debating. We wanted to expose as many of them as possible to the competitive debates, so we had senior teams: A, B, C, D and Junior teams: A, B, C, and D.

The girls have been committed and participated well throughout all the league debates. The topics have been interesting and the girls have produced sound arguments.

The “All girls’ festival” and the various Derbies have been a great success and I know the girls really enjoyed them! The PTA Derby and Round 3 for the SACEE league were both hosted by Eunice and once again the Eunice ladies helping me with chairing and timekeeping were all enthusiastic and were absolute stars, everything ran smoothly!

These were the results, the motions and the girls who won best speaker throughout the league and derby competitions:

Dates: League: Senior Motion: Junior Motion: Venues:
Round One: 25/02 SACEE – RESULTS
Snr A (Shin-woo Park, Jade Venter, Phomolo Khamane) – WON
(Best Speaker: Shin-Woo Park)
Snr B (Bulelwa Jita, Marsoné Yzelle, Ditebogo Molefi) – WON
(Best Speaker: Ditebogo Molefi)
Jnr A (Todva Mhlanga, Jooeon Lee, Tshepiso Seboloki) – Lost
Jnr B (Lauren Damstra, Madré Visser, Favour Ifaeya) – WON
(Best Speaker: Lauren Damstra
This house believes that (THBT) hate speech should be censored for the good of society. This house would (THW) sacrifice economic growth for the good of the environment. St Andrew’s Combined School Time: 17:00
Round One:
Snr A (Bulelwa Jita, Chernille Crotz, Lesedi Moremane) – WON
(Best Speaker: Bulelwa Jita)
Snr B (Jean-Maré Booyens, Erica Dube, Keketso Sehlolo) – WON (Best Speaker: Jean-Maré Booyens)
Jnr A (Thato Mogamisi, Lisa Reblin, Mia Kuhn) – WON
(Best Speaker: Thato Mogamisi)
Jnr B (Nandi Mopalami, Busisiwe Mahlaba, Tasneem Bata) – WON
THBT video cameras should be put into all classrooms to record student and teacher interactions at all times. THBT celebrities get away with more crime than non-celebrities. St. Andrew’s Combined School
Time: 14:30
Round 2:
DEPT. League
Snr-Team 1: Bulelwa Jita, Phomolo Khamane, Lesedi Moremane – WON (Best Speaker: Bulelwa Jita)
Snr-team 2: Jean-Maré Booyens, Siobhan Swart, Keketso Sehlolo. WON
(Best Speaker: Keketso Sehlolo)
Jnr-team 1: Mia Kuhn, Jana Van Rooyen, Jooeon Lee – LOST
Jnr-team 2: Todva Melanga, Katherine Downes, Tasneem Bata –WON
(Best Speaker: Tasneem Bata)
THBT freedom of the individual is a myth. THBT it is better to be honest and poor than dishonest and rich. Dr Viljoen Combined School
Time: 14:30
Round 2:
SNR A: Phomolo Khamane, Omphile Segole, Shin-Woo Park – Lost
SNR B: Bulelwa Jita, Lesedi Moremane, Ditebogo Molefi – Win (Best Speaker: Bulelwa Jita)
JNR A: Thato Mogamisi, Lisa Reblin, Tshepiso Seboloki – win
JNR B: Lauren Damstra, Madré Visser, Tlholo Moeng – win
(Best Speaker: Lauren Damstra).
THBT the proportional representation system is necessary for democracy to flourish. THW enforce mother-tongue education in all schools. Grey College
Time: 17:00
1 X Snr Team:
(Phomolo Khamane, Jade Venter, Shin-Woo Park)
Debate 1: TH, as SA would leave the international criminal court. (LOST)
Debate 2: THBT companies should do social media background checks on candidates. (LOST)
Debate 3: THBT sports clubs should be punished for behaviour of their fans. (WIN)
Debate 4: TH regrets the rise of #MUST FALL movements. (WIN)
Debate 5: THS state construction of false historical narratives in an attempt to promote social cohesion. (LOST)
Round 3:
DEPT. League
Team 1: Bulelwa Jita, Lesedi Moremane, Chernille Crotz – Win
(Best Speaker: Bulelwa Jita)
Team 2: Jean-Maré Booyens, Keketso Sehloho, Siobhan Swart – lost.
Team 1: Jooeon Lee, Jana van Rooyen, Mia Kuhn – Win
(Best Speaker: Jana van Rooyen)
Team 2: opposition team didn’t arrive but these three adjudicated: Tasneem Bata, Katherine Downes, Todva Macqungu.
THBT only African countries should be peacekeepers in African conflicts. THBT school Tuck Shops contribute to the rise in childhood obesity. St. Andrews school
Time: 14:30
Pretoria Derby (HOME)
Debating Derby
Snr team: Bulelwa Jita, Phomolo Khamane and Jade Venter. WON! (Bulelwa Jita is best speaker.)
Jnr-team: Jooeon Lee, Lauren Damstra, Favour Ifaeyni.
TH, as the AU, would implement strict term limits for presidents of all African states. THW give parents a proxy vote on behalf of their children. Eunice – Hosting:
Shin-woo Park, Thlolo Moeng
Erica Dube, Thatoyaona Mogamisi
Round 3:
SNR A: Shin-woo Park, Jade Venter, Phomolo Khamane(win – best speakers: Jade and Phomolo
SNR B: Omphile Segole, Erica Dube, Bulelwa Jita.(Win – Best speaker Bulelwa Jita)
JNR A: Lauren Damstra, Madre Visser, Favour Ifaeyni. (Lost)
JNR B: Thatoyaona Mogamisi, Jana Van Rooyen, Tshepiso Seboloki
(Win – Best speaker Thato Mogamisi)
THW ban all foreign-owned informal trading shops. THW support the use of violence during strikes and protests. Eunice – Hosting
Time: 17:00
Clarendon Derby (AWAY)
1x Snr:
Phomolo Khamane, Shin-woo Park, Bulelwa Jita.
1x Jnr:
Katherine Downes, Madre Visser, Thatoyaona Mogamisi
THB in the complete freedom of movement of refugees. THW allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport. AWAY – East London
Debating Provincial
24-27 June
No Eunice team made the finals.
Quarter-finals: 2 August
Jnr team B (Thato, Tshepiso, Favour) – Lost,
Snr team B (Shin-Woo, Phomolo, Bulelwa) – Won
THBT race and culture should not be taken into consideration by Government. THBT the youth should not be allowed to play video games that are immoral. St. Andrews School 17:00
Semi-finals: 11 August
Unfortunately we lost, not making it to the finals. St Michaels
Model UN debate:
27 August
Lauren Damstra
Thatoyaona Mogamisi
Thank you – Mrs Olivia Brice

Our goal for 2017 is to teach each girl, who has an interest in debating, the correct structure of a debate, her expansion of general knowledge, and most importantly, the confidence to justify their opinions and views.

Achievements in 2016

Regional achievement:

  • Performance at St Michael’s Music Festival: Awarded A++
  • Performance at ATKV Applous Regional Competition: Awarded GOLD

National achievement:

  • Awarded Gold National Choir Competition
  • Awarded Best Performance of prescribed music & African song at National Choir Competition
  • Winners of category: Nie-Afrikaanssprekende Meisies kore at National Choir Competition
  • Overall winners of Nie-Afrikaanssprekende Hoërskoolkore at National Choir Competition

Choir Activities in 2016

Date Activity
26 – 27 Feb Choir Rehearsal Camp
28 Feb Performance at Dutch Reformed Church, Langenhovenpark
27 – 30 Apr Vocal Ensemble to Durban for National Girls’ Festival
6 May Perform at Eunice’s Birthday Assembly
6 – 7 May Choir Rehearsal Camp
8 May Performance at Trinity Methodist Church
9 May Performance at Assembly
17 May Performance at ATKV Applous Regional Competition
18 May Performance at St Michael’s Music Festival
27 July Performance at Golden Choirs Concert, Odeion
3 – 7 Aug Tour to Cape Town
4 Aug Performance at National ATKV Applous Competition, Stellenbosch
18 Aug Performance at Koorsig, Odeion
20 Aug Year Concert, Odeion
29 Aug – 2 Sept Auditions for Senior Choir 2017