Achievements in 2016

Regional achievement:

  • Performance at St Michael’s Music Festival: Awarded A++
  • Performance at ATKV Applous Regional Competition: Awarded GOLD

National achievement:

  • Awarded Gold National Choir Competition
  • Awarded Best Performance of prescribed music & African song at National Choir Competition
  • Winners of category: Nie-Afrikaanssprekende Meisies kore at National Choir Competition
  • Overall winners of Nie-Afrikaanssprekende Hoërskoolkore at National Choir Competition

Choir Activities in 2016

Date Activity
26 – 27 Feb Choir Rehearsal Camp
28 Feb Performance at Dutch Reformed Church, Langenhovenpark
27 – 30 Apr Vocal Ensemble to Durban for National Girls’ Festival
6 May Perform at Eunice’s Birthday Assembly
6 – 7 May Choir Rehearsal Camp
8 May Performance at Trinity Methodist Church
9 May Performance at Assembly
17 May Performance at ATKV Applous Regional Competition
18 May Performance at St Michael’s Music Festival
27 July Performance at Golden Choirs Concert, Odeion
3 – 7 Aug Tour to Cape Town
4 Aug Performance at National ATKV Applous Competition, Stellenbosch
18 Aug Performance at Koorsig, Odeion
20 Aug Year Concert, Odeion
29 Aug – 2 Sept Auditions for Senior Choir 2017